Scott Air Force Base

Scott Air Force Base, Illinois

At the SAFB wastewater treatment plant, deterioration of the two (2) plant inlet pipes had resulted in soil material surrounding the pipe being washed into the pipes with voids occurring beneath the service drive pavements.

Concern was that collapse and total failure of the incoming line would result in costly emergency temporary pumping and emergency repair work. Several incoming lines joined through a series of manholes into a single manhole from which the two deteriorated mains flowed into the WWTP. BCCLT was retained to perform investigative work to study the incoming mains and flows, develop a plan for corrective work to maintain flows into the plant, and prepared construction bidding documents for the recommended repair. Following a topo survey of the existing site and review of flow conditions, a multi-step plan for accomplishing the repair work was developed to minimize the risk of the progressive pipe failure upon ground disturbance for repair work, while minimizing the need for temporary pumping to maintain continuous flows into the plant. Subsequently detailed documents were prepared for construction bidding with phasing plans included to maintain sewage flows at all times during construction.

  • Repair (R&M) HVAC, HQ AMC Admin. Bldg. 40
  • Title 2 Services HVAC, Bldg. 861
  • Title 2 Services HVAC, Bldg. 700
  • Title 2 Services Upgrade HVAC, Bldg. 4001
  • Title 2 Services, Install Basewide Generators
  • Title II Services, Repair Central Plant Chillers, B44
  • Title II Services WWTP
  • Tertiary Filters 
  • Sludge Digesters 
  • Primary Clarifiers 
  • Repair (SUS) – HVAC B50
  • Repair (SUS) – Storm Water Drainage, Hangar 3
  • Phase II – Middle Marker Soil Testing, Bldg. 4900
  • Repair (SUS) – Chilled Water Loop – GRPC:  B1907
  • Design Repair (SUS) – Storm Water Drainage, Galaxy Housing
  • Repair (SUS) – HVAC, HQ AMC
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