Parks & Recreation

The team at BCCLT, Inc. is not only dedicated to creating long-term solutions for businesses across the region, but also to improving our community.

We have been fortunate to combine our love of devising efficient engineering solutions with our love of community through our work on countless Parks & Recreation projects over the last 50 years. We’re dedicated to designing environments that lead to community interaction and promote a sense of wellness, all while keeping projects on budget and on time. Our extensive knowledge, experience and professional engineering skills are perfectly tuned to undertake successful Parks & Recreation projects. As always, we focus on partnering with our clients to create the best solutions.

Because the planning and design of facilities with potentially challenging programming requires experience and commitment, our team of in-house, proficient engineers is perfectly suited to Parks & Recreation projects.

Our designs have addressed new and upgraded campgrounds, swimming pools/water features, utility systems, recreational fields, lodges including dining, meeting area and hospital facilities. We are proud to have worked with State and local Parks Administrations across the region in these efforts.