We are proud to have successfully devised engineering solutions for top industrial clients for 50+ years.

When we dedicate our talented team to a project, our mission is to create environments that allow for optimized industrial processes. We’re committed to helping industrial facilities stay on track and on budget, and we work efficiently and without disrupting business. Our extensive knowledge, experience, and professional engineering skills can assist you with the detailed engineering design needed for a successful project.

Our work with industrial clients requires our engineering team to maintain a focus on tasks involving project budget, defined scope, schedule, and most importantly minimize disruption of our client’s production. We work closely with on-site plant engineers and facility staff to ensure our design agrees with standards and expectations.

As always, we focus on partnering with our clients to create the best solutions. We are proud to have partnered with and provided professional services to the Aluminum Company of America, General Electric, Eli Lilly, Sony Music Entertainment and Columbia House Company.