Norton Healthcare Pavilion

The recently completed Norton Healthcare “Giles Pavilion Inpatient Bed Renovation” project involved over 50,000 SF of new patient care and support areas on the Norton Healthcare downtown Louisville campus.

BCCLT Consulting Engineers is proud to have again been selected by Norton Healthcare to be the mechanical and electrical engineers of record for a major project. Professional engineering services on this important inpatient care facility continues our long history of working with Norton Healthcare on capital projects at their Cancer Institute, Children’s Hospital, plus numerous MEP infrastructure upgrades serving their urban campus.

The Giles Pavilion Inpatient Bed Renovation included extensive upgrades on three floors creating new patient rooms, ICU rooms, support spaces, and pharmacy. The mechanical and electrical design in support of the new inpatient areas addressed complete plumbing, fire protection, medical gases, HVAC, and electric systems.

BCCLT engineers performed a detailed on-site investigation of the existing systems to verify that new infrastructure would not disrupt existing systems outside the project areas and fit within the existing structure. A primary focus of our senior healthcare engineers in the planning and coordination of design within existing facilities involves minimizing or eliminating disruption in the operation of critical patient care systems.

Maintaining MEP services outside project areas is vital to patient care and the healthcare provider’s mission. BIM modeling was extensively utilized by both the design and construction team to aide in the replacement of the two-pipe HVAC system with an all airside system as requested by the owner.

Our extensive knowledge of both the design and operation of MEP healthcare systems is the reason BCCLT has been a leader for renovation and new healthcare facilities for decades. The design for the Giles Inpatient Bed Renovation included a dedicated HVAC system utilizing roof mounted equipment furnishing the critical air quality needed for the patient rooms and the ICU rooms. Plumbing risers were extended from the building basement to avoid disruption of service to areas outside the project. The new plumbing systems include valving that allow insulation of areas to facilitate future maintenance. Electric distribution systems were expanded to serve areas of renovation and furnish the normal and emergency power systems vital for patient care. Lighting system furnish specific illumination levels using LED lamps with low-voltage controls providing patient and staff operational flexibly.

In addition to working with Project design professionals to furnish a coordinated design, BCCLT worked closely with Norton Healthcare engineering to ensure the Project design and systems specification agreed with their standard and expectations. BCCLT healthcare design professions engage with hospital engineering staff to ensure that the systems provided to them with our design can be maintained and function at the expected standards throughout the systems life. Our extensive knowledge of healthcare mechanical and electric systems selection, design, operation, and maintenance gained over decades of design is the reason BCCLT is a leader in healthcare design and provides value added expertise.
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