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BCCLT, Inc. is honored to be a part of new and exciting developments in our communities. We have a long history of creating customized engineering solutions with the goal of helping buildings to run smoothly, energy to be used efficiently, and communities to grow sustainably. With all this great work going on that we get to be a part of, we want to share that excitement. Below you’ll find breaking news about projects we’re involved in around our communities. Check it out! Or, have a project you want to work on together? Give us a call.

BCCLT is very proud to be involved with not only MEP projects at Norton Children’s Hospital but also to be able to give back to this outstanding facility.

BCCLT is very excited that the Giraffe Omni Bed that we donated through the Children’s Hospital Foundation has arrived at the hospital.   The staff was extremely appreciative.  The NICU unit is a very special place to several of our employees that have had situations with family members that have required infants to stay in the NICU.  This particular type of bed was used by them.  We applaud Norton for acquiring the State-of-the-Art equipment that is required to provide the best care for their patients.