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We use cutting-edge technologies to design highly efficient, effective and sustainable engineering solutions for the buildings of today and tomorrow.

Our ability to create customized engineering solutions is based on our proficiency in core engineering disciplines, all of which are represented in-house by experienced professionals. Our skilled engineers specialize in Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Civil Engineering and Land Surveying. Our services are also backed by more than just skill – our savvy team has proven their excellence and ingenuity through decades of experience.

When you choose to work with us, you’re choosing the best of the best, but we don’t stop there. You’re also choosing a dedicated partner in the development of engineering solutions designed to help your building operate more smoothly, more efficiently and more sustainably. Creating innovative solutions is what we’re all about.

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We are an innovative and forward-thinking mechanical, electrical and civil engineering services firm.

Since 1965, BCCLT, Inc. has provided the apex  in Professional Engineering Services. Throughout the region and in 33 states, BCCLT, Inc. is making an impact when we team up with businesses across the country. For over 50 years, BCCLT, Inc. has maintained successful long-term client relationships while actively expanding our client base.

We’re skilled and experienced in working with the mechanical and electrical systems for various governmental agencies, educational, healthcare and industrial clients, and we don’t shy away from a challenge. Because we’re committed to devising solutions that are forward-thinking and creative, we consistently welcome the opportunity to help businesses just like yours change the way they look at the buildings they work in.


Breaking News

Net-Zero Energy Building!

Net-Zero Energy Building design and construction was the topic of Building Enclosure Webinar with Daniel Overbey with Browning Day Mullins Dierdorf as speaker.  BCCLT provided  MEP Engineering services to Browning Day Mullins Dierdorf,  Architect for the Net-Zero Energy Lincoln Heritage Public Library, Indiana Chrisney Branch project which included a high efficient building enclosure with passive features to reduce energy demand.  Ground geothermal energy is used to satisfy 100% of the cooling and heating demand of the Library.  Photovoltaic panels collect solar energy and provide electric power to drive the renewable geothermal energy source for the HVAC system as well as electrical power and lighting within the Library.  The Geo-Thermal Heat Pump Concept of drawing energy from the earth is practical, clean and safe while costing less to operate than efficient hybrid high efficiency gas furnace heating and air source heat pump systems.