Building 40 HVAC and Electric Upgrade

Scott Air Force Base, Illinois

BCCLT provided MEP engineering for the complete upgrade of HVAC systems with associated electric and fire alarm systems for a 192,000 SF office facility serving the Air Mobility Command. Included were open office areas, private offices, auditorium, secure conference rooms and ancillary spaces. All new air handling equipment with chilled and hot water supplied from central system and air distribution system were provided.

Given the previously adaptive re-use of this Historic Building into office space, minimal ceiling cavity space was available for the upgrade of the HVAC system. Also, the existing lighting and fire alarm systems had been recently upgraded under a separate project and required removal and re-installation for the HVAC work. Extensive field investigation work was provided to identify the constraints of the existing construction and the location of an existing device that needed to be removed, re-installed and identified on the Contract Documents.

Construction work phasing plans for all levels were prepared and made part of the Construction Documents.

As part of the project, some new bulkheads were required and new ceilings were provided in select areas. New electrical circuits to serve the HVAC equipment and reconnection of existing devices were included.

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