Repair HVAC, Bldg. 861

Scott Air Force Base, Illinois

BCCLT provided MEP engineering for 90,000 square feet upgrade of HVAC system with associated electric and fire alarm systems in Building 861 serving the Air Mobility Command. Designed removal of existing fan coil units and associated piping on the East Side of B861 and provided new VAV boxes with hot water reheat.

Existing AHU, Chiller and Boilers were reused. Existing pumping was evaluated to accommodate the added loads. Piping in mechanical room was reconfigured as required. Test and Balance and connection to the Base EMCS was required.

Work included renovation of an existing restroom, and repair of the exterior wall construction to replace damaged materials and to provide watertight construction.

All existing lighting in east half of B861, 250-262 Wing and 300 Wing were removed and T-8 bulbs savaged to reuse. The existing ceiling in the above area was removed and new ceiling grid and tile installed. Removed lighting fixtures and replaced with T-8 fluorescent lamps.

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