HVAC & Electrical Repairs Bldg. 1575

Scott Air Force Base, Illinois

Portions of the mechanical and electrical systems within Building 1575 were upgraded to provide redundancy and better reliability. Improvements were also included to more effectively drain ponded water in the area between B1575 and B1700 and prevent prolonged ponding following heavy rain events. Upgrade of the Base wide storm drainage system is required to prevent the ponding frequency and was not part of scope of work. A higher capacity cooling tower with new enclosure is being added to address demands of recently installed chiller. One of the electrical service transformers was replaced with an exterior type and removed the 34.5 kv service voltage from the building. A generator was added to an existing emergency electrical system to provide redundancy. The building lightning protection system was upgraded to meet UL master label standards. Exterior building lighting was provided to meet requirements of security forces. Existing economizer was repaired, secondary pumping and piping was revised to improve chilled water flow, and ultrasonic humidifiers were installed to replace existing system. Steps to phase construction tasks to minimize service disruption during construction were outlined and reviewed with the User and were incorporated into the Contract Documents.

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