Electrical Upgrade – Western State Hospital

Hopkinsville, KY

BCCLT, Inc. presented findings from the assessment of electric systems in support of the Western State Hospital Design project.

The first step of the project was preparation of a detailed electrical systems Study. Information in this Study was obtained through interviews with the Hospital Engineering Staff, field observations, systems survey, systems monitoring and review of available existing engineering documentations. BCCLT, Inc. engineers monitored electric loads; compared existing loads vs equipment rating and determined upgrades to address capacity for future load growth. Specific focus was the identification of systems and equipment that require action to insure reliable normal and emergency power services to the Patient Care areas and associated functions on the Western State Hospital campus.

The Study Phase for this multi-year project is now complete and BCCLT, Inc. is moving forward with Phase 1 design. This will address conversion of the existing 15 KV overhead electric distribution system to underground. Detail, in the field survey and evaluation of conditions is part of the layout for the underground facilities. Our engineers are working closely with the Western State Hospital Staff to develop a construction plan that allows installations, removals and electric service disruptions on an active campus.  

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