Mullins Complex Renovation – The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

Louisville, KY

Total renovation of 129,000 sq.ft. historic dormitory building on The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary campus.

Colonial design structure was built in 1925 and consists of five connecting student dormitory halls. Renovation will create Suites including one and two bedrooms, food preparation area, Suite common area and Suite bathroom. A two-story Student Life area will provide food services, gathering spaces and recreational facilities including movies, music, multimedia room and a rock climbing wall. Facility and administrative staff offices are located in the complex. All mechanical and electric systems are replaced in support of the upgraded and modernized building. Each Suite HVAC is served by individual fan coil unit; 300 ton central chiller unit is located remote from the building with underground piping; make up air units located in attics serve corridors and common areas; restrooms have central exhaust service. Plumbing system provides individual restroom for each Suite. Detailed coordination by BCCLT, Inc. engineers allowed use of vertical shafts for plumbing and HVAC piping. The building will include a full fire protection system with stairway risers and 1000 GPM fire pump. Electric distribution system establishes dedicated branch circuit panelboards serving dormitory suites; data system service with dedicated data rooms and building-wide wireless service; cable TV distribution system provides services in each Suite; full building fire alarm and telephone systems. BCCLT, Inc. engineers worked with the SBTS in the evaluation of converting the building from Campus steam distribution system to stand alone modular boilers. 2015 AIA Kentucky Merit Award. Educational Interior Showcase Special Citation -Southern Baptist Theological Seminary: Mullins Complex.

Merit Award, The Kentucky Society of Architects of the American Institute of Architects (AIA) – Southern Baptist Theological Seminary: Mullins Complex.

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