Martha Layne Collins High School

Shelbyville, Kentucky

BCCLT, Inc. served as the engineer of record for the 220,000 sq. ft. secondary school to accommodate approximately 1,500 students. The school included design for 86 Smart/Intelligent Classrooms. This included audio enhancement, smart board and multi-media projection systems, part of the BCCLT, Inc. design. The building was designed to the Green and Healthy Schools and Energy Star standards. Green features included solar building orientation to utilize day light harvesting and geothermal domestic water heating.

The geothermal system designed by BCCLT, Inc. mechanical engineers included a well field serving Martha Layne Collins High School that consists of 350 wells. The field is located under the school parking lot in two separate areas. The field contains 35 circuits with ten wells per circuit. All of the circuits are headered together inside an underground concrete vault. A 12-inch supply and return piping is routed from the vault to the mechanical room. The total capacity of the well field is 700 tons.

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