Sony Music Entertainment Inc.

Pitman, New Jersey

In 1986 and 1987, Biagi, Chance, Cummins, London, Titzer, Inc., was retained by CBS, Inc., to convert their existing records plant in Pitman, New Jersey to a compact disk plant. Later purchased by Sony, this was the second CD Plant built in the USA.

This project involved research by our engineering staff in new methodologies for Class 100 Clean Room construction and other aspects of the utilities and production system methodology for compact disks. This took our engineering staff personnel to Europe (Holland and Switzerland) to examine technologies involving equipment manufacturer’s techniques to achieve high production in a clean environment.

BCCLT worked continuously at the facility since that time in upgrading and adding to the capacity of the facility. The Central Chilled Water Plant consisted of centrifugal chillers with capacity of 3,600 tons. These chillers were run on a continuous basis for production facility requirements, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. The distribution system connected two free-standing chilled water plants into one distribution system.

This facility was purchased by Sony Music Entertainment Inc. The facility continued to expand since this 1987 inception to become one of the largest compact disk production facilities in the USA. Sony subsequently committed to incorporating DVD production at the Pitman site. We were responsible for the design of the close tolerance power, utilities of HVAC requirements of the DVD manufacturing process in the clean room environment.

The electrical plant capacity was expanded from its initial capacity of 8 MW to its present capacity of 14.5 MW. The conversion of a portion of the plant to DVD again necessitated additional electrical capacity. BCCLT designed an additional 2 MW of electrical capacity bringing the total plant service to 16.5 MW.

BCCLT, Inc., was involved in every engineering task associated with conveying as well as finish product conveying. BCCLT, Inc., integrated the requirements of the conveying equipment manufacturers into the process, including coordinating with other utilities within the building. On-site warehousing and storage for distribution completed the product cycle provided for at this major Sony facility.

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